Tuesday, June 08, 2010

358 days later...

June 15th, 2009 is when the movers first arrived at our house in South Dakota and they left 5 days later with ALL of our belongings being packed into crates. Today the claims adjuster is coming over to go over our damage claim. Nothing like timeliness (can you feel my sarcasm?) It's not enough that your things are damaged beyond repair, but they make you wait months on end for them to process your claim. Meanwhile you're having to store all of these damaged item somewhere in your home. If your house is like our house there's not much storage space to speak of. And what storage space I do have here, well I need it for every day kind of stuff...lawnmower, kids bikes, weed whacker, winter/summer clothing storage and that other crazy thing we like to do...we like to park our car in the garage.

This is where I really miss my house in South Dakota- with it's deep spacious closets, 2 large storage ares inside of the house plus that huge 3 car garage where you could actually pack 3 cars, 4 bikes, a ride on lawn mower and a push mower, have a work bench, numerous shelving units with gardening and camping equipment, have a table saw, wheelbarrow, beer fridge, recycle bins, rubbish bin and more! But alas we gave that up right?

What I could use here is a nice spacious kitchen with a gas range and a refrigerator that I could actually get both doors to open the way they should so I could use it the way it was intended to be used. Adequate heat/window ventilation would be nice too.

Sorry everyone, I'm cranky today. Reliving all of my move today and it's not good. My heart broke when I saw my damaged bed, damaged furniture and the crap way things were packed for our overseas move and I've got all of those feeling rushing over me right now.

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