Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shop 'til you drop

I take that phrase "Shop 'til you drop" pretty seriously. Ask my mother-in-law, she knows exactly how I work, and it's go go go then come home unpack it all, put it all away and sit down and then you get to catch your breath. Poor thing, I've done nothing but drag her around for 3 days straight.

We did manage to get over to Bicester Wools and get a few things there. LOVE love love that shop! The owners are the nicest folks! Very accommodating too!

I've been loving having my mother-in-law here to stay. We're kind of like 2 peas in a pod...especially when it comes to shopping and going out to lunch :-) We've eaten in a few different places and each time we've had fantastic meals. There are some really great little home grown restaurants and tea shops to go for lunch. I truly feel blessed that I'm able to share this with my mother-in-law. I love living here, what a true gift from heaven to be able to have this experience.

Yesterday is was shopping for shoes and clothes great sales going on at Edinburgh Woollen Mills and Clarks, today it was grocery shopping and a trip to the Brackley Antique Cellar and we had a lovely lunch in the tea shop. I wonder where tomorrow will take us :-)

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