Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Something Special I do for myself

I see it as being rather funny how so many of women friends save their China for that "special occasion". I have many friends who either have it and don't use it or they use it only once a year for Christmas dinner. Maybe this is an American thing- being that I don't have all that many British friends and the ones I do have, well they think I'm a nutter with all of my pottery (and that's okay so do my American girlfriends- I still adore them).

My thing is this...make you a priority. You're someone special aren't you? The next time you make yourself some tea and lunch- serve it up on that lovely china you that you've been saving for that "special occassion".

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Julia Dunnit said...

No, not an American thing ecxlusively, you'll be glad to hear..lots of people her ehave 'best' china. I don't - well, I do, but it gets alot of use...any non everyday event has different china...I love using all of my pieces and collections.