Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have you seen my cooking blog lately?

Did you know that I've got I've got 3 blogs? Oh yeah, I'm such an over achiever, LOL! First and foremost there's My Scrapbook Nook but I also have My Cookbook Nook which is all about What else, FOOD! There's recipes, product reviews and my foodie life. My Look Look Book which is strictly pictures. My Look Look Book has been sadly neglected for little over a year and I hope to get pictures posted there again soon. A dear friend gave My Cookbook Nook a face lift and now it's got a great new look! I've added many new tried and true recipes that I've made for my girlfriends over the years. I hope that you'll pop by and tell me what you think of the blog, try some of the recipes and give me some feed back on them as well.

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