Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My busy life...

It's the little things that keep you going round in circles...take these power outages that we've been experiencing here in Caversfield. Power went off 4 separate time on Sunday and frankly I was never able to get on the computer for dear that the power would go off and fry my system. So here's a run down of what I've been up to...

Sunday- Went up to Alconbury for an afternoon party at the Wing Commanders house. It was a Hail and Farewell basically a welcome to England for one family and a good bye good luck to several other couples moving to new assignments in other countries). It was a good get together of staff members and their families, I was very glad that I attended this function. Afterwards my husband took me out to this great little restaurant in a neighboring town. It was my belated birthday dinner- just the 2 of us :-)

Monday- The big deal was Monday evening when our daughter had a melt down and let us know that she has been dealing with a bully. That she's been tormented by the boy since November. My heart simply sank. Our daughter was in tears and she said that she's at her wits end with this kid.

Tuesday- Between the phone lines not working and the power outage that lasted nearly a hour, well I was not in the best of moods. Talked with the people I needed to talk with at the school and the bully situation is under control. Hannah came home happier than she has been in quite some time. I asked her if she felt that the situation has been resolved and she said yes, but only time will tell if it truly has.

Last night I attended my first British military function, it was the "Bicester Garrison Cocktail Party and Beating Retreat". We watch a British Army marching band preform for us. Mayors from all of the surrounding towns were there and I think that there may even have been a representative from the Queen at this function. We met many very interesting people, many of which I would like to get with again.
The gardens of this place were amazing! It was beautiful there, it's how I imagine my dream garden being. Flowers and trees bordering a large grassy lawn,a separate vegetable garden and a green house made out of glass.A lawn large enough (and flat enough) to put up a tent and have a garden party. With small tables and chairs, wine flowing freely and friends enjoying themselves. Oh how it makes me want to host a garden party of my own! Now to get some more lawn furniture, LOL!

♥ Wednesday- Today hopefully won't be plagued with power outages as I've really got laundry piling up around here! I've got letters to write and well I've decided to make myself sit down and hand write some letters, and to start working on quilting and scrapbooking projects again.

That's it in a nutshell! TTFN!

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