Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy is as busy does

It's a full week for me as there seems to be something going on every day.

Yesterday I got to spend some time with another moving company rep- she was estimating the load that her company will pack and put into storage for us. All I can say is that you know it's going to be a smooth move when the company rep says "I wish that more clients were as organized as your and your husband are". Now I did give a snort of a laugh when she said that because I felt like we were anything but organized. But apparently a lot of people say that about my house. Maybe it's just me feeling out of sorts or maybe it was that huge stack of pottery I had in the middle of the formal dining room table that I had yet to put away, LOL!

Today- well I've got to make something for the dorm dinner that's tomorrow. NO matter what I decide to make, I will have to leave the house to get things like eggs and some other miscellaneous dairy products (we certainly do go through the cheese at our house).

Tomorrow- I will be spending the day with the Dv's who have come to check out our little base, and go on the tours that the base has set up for them. There's also the dorm dinner that evening hence me making those cheesecakes today since I will be VERY busy all day tomorrow.

Thursday- I will be going through all of the pictures that I brought with me for the slide show (this is for my husbands retirement ceremony). There are thousands upon thousands for me to wade through- this is no small task in the least!

Friday- take kitty to the Vet and that nights is the Burns Night function- should be interesting. I have no intentions of letting Haggis get anywhere near me- just say NO applies here!

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