Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ones life is not truly complete without friends. I'm lucky enough to have met some amazing women along the way! Yesterday I had some friends over for lunch and it was great! I wish that I did that more often (note to self do this from now on until you move- have friends over for lunch at least twice a month).
So now I'm planning a little road trip with said girlfriends. We'll spend a Saturday together just simply having fun! Now for me to figure out the menu as I had given them a choice of going out to eat or me make us a lunch. I'm very flattered that they voted for me to make a yummy gourmet lunch for them. None of them was on the last trip so this will be fun. I could make the same things OR I could make something entirely new. I want to make this delicious cold salmon salad on a bed of butter leaf lettuce, it's a dish that I once ate at a snooty restaurant and it was to die for! I'm been itching to recreate it for quite some time now!

Now for me to enjoy my coffee, read some more of my latest FAB novel and plan some some stuff for my husbands retirement ceremony.

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