Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Monday?

Or will it be a Mundane Monday? For me, I hope that it's the latter. It's the last day of January which means that my last full month here in England starts tomorrow.

The DV's that came to our base were wonderful! Anyone who thinks that officers wives are stuffy and stuck up have not met the right ones! Mrs. W was so personable and endearing. She made it a point to engage everyone of our party in conversation. She was a blast in the antique store! Mrs. W and Mrs. C had me smiling constantly with their child like enthusiasm for the place. They were like a couple of kids in a toy store and anyone who saw them could not help but to smile.

Burns Night- who knew that Scottish Whiskey can make an awesome sauce for meat? Certainly not me that's for sure! But I tried it and liked it. I did bypass the haggis (there was no way that stuff was getting anywhere near my plate). I got to dance, had fun and the best compliment of the night was..."You're just like a real person". Well for the young woman who gave me that compliment...I certainly hope so! Sometimes it's good to be seen letting your hair down and just having fun.

Slide Show- going through the pictures for this slide show brought with it a wave of emotions and a flood of memories. I'm half way through the pictures and hope to make better headway this week with the digital pictures.

Now for more coffee, to get through this ocean of laundry and of course to read more some more of the latest spin off romance novel about Mr. Darcy and his passionate feelings for Elizabeth Bennett...Life is good!

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