Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Bed

I've been heart broken since the first day the movers showed up with our furniture. Why? Because our beautiful bed was damaged beyond repair some time during the course of the move. I'm not one to go out and just "buy" furniture willy nilly, never have been. Of course there are utility pieces that come from big box stores like my chrome shelves in my scrapbook nook. I did my research on them and thought out and planned on how I would use them. I can tell you where we bought each piece of furniture that is in our home.

I love my friends for trying to console me, trying to cheer me up by telling me that now I can shop for a new bed here in England. For me, buying furniture is not like buying a new scarf, for me it's a process. It's like hunting around in an antique store with a million and one items in it and finding that one little 'gem" of an item be it a teapot, a towel rack or a wine carafe that just speaks to you. The part that no one realizes is that it took us 11 years to find "that bed" our bed. My husband poured his time and soul into finishing the bed, sanding it, staining it finishing it. It was a labor of love. I've made the decision to just get a basic metal bed frame and find a simple headboard and that's it. We'll look again when we get back to the states for a bed.

And yes, this will also get a scrapbook layout made all about it. I've got plans for a series of layouts all to do with the subject of "HOME". How many of us are guilty of taking things for granted? Of over looking something as lovely as a favorite jacket, handbag or pair of shoes? Heaven knows we overlook our furniture all of the time. It's not that I'm at a loss of subject matter to scrap pages about- heaven knows I have even Christmas parties to attend in December that I can make an entire scrapbook about (last count there were 7), LOL! Just remember this...It's the every day things that matter most!

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