Tuesday, November 24, 2009

waiting for the cable guy

Here I am, waiting for the cable guy. Here just like back in the USA there's that open window of time when the cable guy is expected to arrive. So, with that in mind, I'll be hanging out here at home from the hours of 8 am until 1 pm. Meanwhile I had planned on using that time to go over to the other house and clear out the kids clothing, vacuum the place and clean the refrigerator...but alas that will have to wait. Every room is scary with packing boxes, with the exception of, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the breakfast area (notice how I don't include the entire room, piles of stuff blocking the door is why), the lounge aka family room. Every where else you'll see stacks of boxes, piles of "stuff" and of course packing paper galore! It's finding places for all of the items, getting the boxes of a 16,000 pound shipment (16 crates) to fit into a little 1 car garage that already has stuff in it. Did I mention that today's weather is atrocious? It's not that it's so cold, it's the fog and the pouring rain and according to, we're supposed to get some very high winds later on (reminds me greatly of South Dakota). Have I mentioned that this house is heated via radiators? Oh yeah and to be honest, the radiators simply do not crank out the heat like central heating can. My house feels cold today and I feel chilled to the bone! Oh how I miss central heat and air! I feel as if we're living in Maine (again), it was radiator heat there too!

One would think that a week of moving was plenty, but as it is, we're into week #2 and we're still in the moving process. Besides all of the things that I shipped here from South Dakota before we (the kids and I) arrived in June. There's the stuff from crate #1, we've also managed to accumulate a lot of stuff. There's all of those school uniforms, shoes (we're all guilty of buying shoes since arriving here- see, it's not just me), a few Portmeirion and Polish Pottery items (wink wink) plus the kids bicycles, the lawnmower, some gardening equpiment it seems as if my list goes on and on. Basically there's not a soul to do the work with exception of myself and since the spouse is at work all day and the kids are in school. None of them will get home until at least 6 pm and of course it's dark and they're tired and hungry! Lets face it-I'm not about to get any work out of them when they're hungry! It's my kids summertime favorite tonight...burgers and dogs!

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