Monday, September 07, 2009

The Antique Store

Saturday while our children were at school, I took my husband to an antique store that I had been to a week earlier with friends from church. The time went by very quickly and before I knew it, we had spent over 3 hours in the place! Believe it or not I didn't have my husband tied up in a corner, he was actively looking at furniture- really he was! There's so much to see in this shop, loads of consignors selling their wares through this shop. We bought 2 items, which in it's own way is rather funny. I've been wanting a quilt rack for the longest time but I never really found one that I liked that was at a reasonable price. So as we were wondering around the place I saw several "towel racks" which look an awful lot like "quilt racks" to me. Prices varied, colors of the wood varied and some were a little more fancy than others the basic design was the same. I bought one for myself and was very pleased with the price and how it looks. I've got it in my living room with a quilt proudly draped over it :-)

We were also on a search for some cuff links for our son. The only ones we found were at military clothing sales at Lakenheath and well I don't think that our son wants to wear US Air Force cuff links, LOL! So there we were in this antique store and we started looking in all of the different cases. And we saw "them" the ones that we knew our son would like. They were made out of coins, a British Farthing to be exact. Click on the link and it'll take you to a website that tells you about the farthing. So Andrews cuff-links have that adorable wren on them. The cuff links incorporate 2 of this favorite things- birds and history.

I was telling our children about the many wonders in this Antique shop which piqued their interests. They asked when I could take them- after church tomorrow I said. And with that...they BOTH wanted to go to church so they could go to the antique shop.

Sunday was great- potluck after church, everyone brought a dish to share and we enjoyed one another's company. I love our church socials! Our kids couldn't get though the social time fast enough as they really wanted to go to the Antique shop. They were wowed by the size of the place and they both agreed that it was everything I said it was and more! Andrew went there with the intentions of getting his girlfriend Sammie a ring (yes, our boy also left a girlfriend behind in South Dakota). We looked and looked for something for her but nothing jumped out at him- they place is a bit overwhelming. Hannah saw several things that she liked, but ended up not buying anything- again it was that overwhelming in the place. You eye goes from one item, to another to another.

This was my 3rd time in the place and I got to look in the jewelry cases again. I bought a pair of earrings and 2 brooches. I've got a thing for the Celtic trinity knot and I found a charming pair of earrings that I just HAD to buy for myself :-) and of course the brooches were just too pretty for me to pass up and I love to wear brooches on the lapels of my wool coats, on jackets or with silk scarves and now I have 2 new to me lovely silver brooches from this charming Antique shop.

So was this a good trip to the Antique Shop? Why yes, yes it was!


Julia Dunnit said... may like to spend a day in Hungerford, Berkshire. Hundreds of antique shops and multi-vendor areas to browse, esp on sundays. And a canal with barges that'll take you on a trip!

Sandie Grisé said...

just one day? I could probably spend a week just rummaging through antique stores. :-)

stephen said...
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