Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn is in the air

I first fell in love with Autumn when we lived in Maine. Before that I had always been a Summer kind of girl. There is nothing that can be compared to viewing the foliage in New England in the Autumn...the brilliant colors of the leaves is truly something to behold. Going for walks out of doors in the crisp Autumn air is a must for anyone who wants to behold something magical happening with the trees.

Autumn is the time for lovely sweaters or as the British call them "jumpers". I have such a love of sweaters layer with turtle neck pull overs. But alas, my Autumn and Winter clothing are in storage with the rest of our household goods-ack! I've looked in many shops for sweaters and just haven't found anything interesting. Now once I started looking at LL Bean and Lands End on line- wow! I could shop until the cows came home! I may have to break down and do some on line shopping since I'm not about to see our household shipment before the end of November- my reason being of course that I could freeze to death ;-)

I plan to walk about with my camera today taking pictures of all things Autumn. It's something for me to scrapbook later on.

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Julia Dunnit said...

I like the season change - truly I think May and October in Britain are fabulous to behold. But I don't like the herald of winter..I'm definitely a long warm summer girl. Land's End have UK site, so although still online, you can get what you crave without having to order from the US. Pstage and import duty, ow!