Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm back...kind of any way

As you know I've been sick, well heck I'm still down with this head cold from hell. Our boy is now sick with the same thing and I took him to the doctor to get him on medication for it. Then Hannah comes home holding a bag with vomit (no joke) as she got sick on the bus ride home. Does it ever end? LOL!

The drama that's become such a part of my life as a military spouse seems to be unending at times. Trying to soothe hurt feelings, put out fires, boost self esteem and pump up morale- no wonder why I can't beat this head cold, I'm too busy to let myself have some proper rest.

My latest news is...I'm now the new president of the Croughton Spouses Club on base. I was not about to let this charitable organization be mothballed because of fear of the title and what it represents. It seems that once I stepped up to the plate that we were able to get plenty of others to step up to other board positions- it was a fantastic chain reaction! I have great plans for this group and one of my first things is to plan and host a welcoming coffee for our new commanders wife and all spouses new to the Croughton Spouses Club. It's going to be a great year with many opportunities to volunteer in our military community.

Now with that said I'm off to have another cup of coffee and to relax with a box of tissues and my latest Agatha Christie novel.

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