Monday, October 05, 2009

Be Ye all warned...

The TODDLER years were NOTHING as compared to the TEENAGE YEARS!!! The terrible twos and trying three's, those were a piece of cake as compared to what you will go through with your kids when they are in their teens!!!

Our son does not want to be here, he argues with me near daily about leaving here. Telling me how it's a waste to time to have to ride a bus a hour each way, how school here is a waste of time and so forth. Meanwhile I know that my children are getting a top notch education at this school- much better than what they could have received in South Dakota.

I tell you, this child of mine is stubborn and believe me when I say that we are not about to give in to him and send him back to South Dakota (although at times were are tempted). Unlike the laws here in the UK, in America we are responsible for our children until they turn 18 tears old and they are required to be in school until the age of 18. I could not for the life of me see him being "done" with school at the age of 16, not at all!!! Now I do see in his future that he would be great in politics because he can argue his point like the best of them!

Now for Hannah it's "other" stuff...I see this girl going on to get her PhD in either Mathematics,Physics or Engineering...but she'll drive me crazy with her perfectionism in the process. And lets not forget about teenage girl hair issues...dear Lord what I go through in the morning around here, ugh! I thank the Lord daily for those school uniforms here in the UK, because we've knocked out "I have nothing to wear" go around in the morning before to work some more on the "hair issues".

I'm, not complaining, I do lead a full and interesting life, just not one that I thought that I would have had over 20 years ago. Truly, If it wasn't for my kids and husband I would have had earned my PhD in Archeology/Forensic Anthropology, my ultimate goal was to be involved in a great dig and to be a museum curator. It would have been a deeply rewarding career but a lonely one at the same time. Instead, the Lord chose a different path for me to take and I went on to develop my talents in designing things such as window treatments, counted cross stitching patterns, scrapbooking layouts, greeting cards, tote bags and garden landscaping. There's my gourmet cookery (I love cooking) that I use to make meals for our young Airmen who live in the dorms on base, the Hearts Apart monthly dinners for the spouses and families of our deployed service members, there's all of that training that I took so I could counsel the spouses of our deployed military members, and lets not forget my talents at interior design because of all of those moves me do with my husbands military career. Over the years I have taken classes to enrich MY life and now it's time for me to share what I have learned with others.

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