Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Some days are just a blur. Yesterday was one long day...took the medical shuttle to and from Lakenheath. Hannah had her orthodontic appliance taken off and in a few weeks she'll a different orthodontic appliance put on in place of the old one. Poor kid!

Today I had coffee with my girlfriends in town, went shopping came home and did some domestic work. While talking with a girlfriend I realized that I had agreed to speak at a conference on the same day that I'm leaving for Venice. OOh bad move there, yeah I feel like a heal. I know that they were counting on me big time for it and I hate the fact that I had to back out but hey- it's VENICE need I say more?
I've not been out of the country since arriving here in June, I've been pretty darn patient waiting on the other house to be finished and well frankly I feel worthy of the trip. Meanwhile all of my friends here have been somewhere other than England over the summer. Heck even our daughter went to Wales. So Venice here i come!

Tomorrow- I'm going to get some groceries, get some research and more paperwork done, get flu shots for all of us and get a flier done up for the spouses group. I lead a full life...most of it's filled with paperwork, LOL!

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