Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October!

Wow, I dare say that September went by rather quickly! Before you know it, the kids will be on school break- at least the ones attending Kingham Hill School here in the UK will. I do hope and pray that time goes quickly this month and I'm getting a bit itchy to move out of this house.

Being organized in a temporary house with little storage for said organizing materials is challenging. I dislike the fact that even after being here for 3 months, that our house looks like cardboard city. I've not had very many people actually "in" our house because of the packing boxes that are in every room. The small type room that we used as a guest room is packed wall to wall with cardboard boxes (some empty, some not). I can't stand the fact that the kitchen is so small and awkward that I have to keep my plastic storage containers in said cardboard boxes because there is not room to store them- again because of limited storage space. The refrigerator is so small that I HAVE to go grocery shopping twice a week- that frustrates me to no end! But on the lighter side...only 50 more days to go in said "temporary" house, that is if there aren't any more set backs.

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