Saturday, October 24, 2009

preview of my calendar for next week

Here's what's on my planner for next week...

Monday- going to Lakenheath as Hannah has an orthodontic appointment I hope to make it over to the craft center and buy some fabric for a quilting project I've been planning for the last month and a half. I want to take a peek at what's in at the BX and a quick lunch from BK for Hannah.

Tuesday – I’m taking a car-less friend shopping in town. I want to introduce her to the antique store. It may or may not be her thing, but I do want to share it with her as I just LOVE that place!

Wednesday is free for now (which is amazing)

Thursday - I'm attending a luncheon at the base for all honorary commanders

Friday- another open day, I'm sure that I'm missing something. If not, then I'm headed for market day on Sheep Street!

Saturday- pick up commanders wife from the airport

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