Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a BUSY week!

This week has really kept me on the go! From cultural events at the base to being the personal escort to the wing commanders wife,to driving my kids to school and Key Spouse training, lunches with friends and buying clothes to keep me warm yet fashionable.

Tuesday- I went to the home of a military spouse whose husband is gone on a 365 to Iraq. I heard that she's been ill and from the description it was the same crap cold that I had. I let her know that I would be there at a specified time and to have her crock pot ready! I brought all of the items I needed including spices and my own knife, kitchen towels and cutting board. I made the soup in front of the spouse and talked with her while putting it all together. I had even gone as far to bring a crusty loaf of rustic bread to go along with dinner and a bouquet of flowers to brighten her day. Some times all we need for someone to take the first step- especially when we don't know how to take it ourselves. I know that she was appreciative of what I did, I hope that I was able to make a difference in her day.

Wednesday- This was my run run run go go go day. It starts with my children missing the bus and my husband having to be at another base for the majority of the day, not to mention that I had things going on that it's perfect for my kids to miss the bus to school right? Kind of mandatory I think (God likes to see me flustered). It takes a hour to drive the 28 some odd miles to the school with all of those twisty turning roads here in England, and about 45 minutes back home-ugh! Then I have to get ready for the day's events...
It was Hispanic Cultural Day at our base and our key note speaker was our neighbor Jose (he did a great job). The wing commander and his wife came out for this event and we had a great turn out for the luncheon. Our little base club turned out another fantastic meal! After that I attended the commanders call with Mrs. C, then I took her to the Brackley Antique Cellar. I can honestly say that she enjoyed the place. All of the lovely items there were just that- lovely! That's where I found my latest little treasure a Cameo Brooch dating to the early 1900's (I'll tell you more about it later) and I bought Hannah the pendant that she had been long admiring.
After that it was back to the base and then home. It was a long day as I did not realize that I didn't get home until 4:30 pm-ugh! I felt as if I had gotten nothing done in my house and was too tired to care.

Thursday- Lunch with girlfriends before our 4 hour long Key Spouse training session. Again another long day away from home.

Friday- spent in the company of my friend Alisha. I wanted to go to Sheep Street because I wanted to get something that would go with this one purple skirt I own and to get a 2 piece suit. Well I found bargains galore in this shop PLUS I had a 20% off coupon for all I bought that is good! I found a 2 piece suit (blazer and skirt) plus some other really nice items that can mix and match. I came out of there feeling like a million bucks! Always bring a girlfriend with you when shopping for clothes, one that you know will give her "honest" opinion and in case you didn't know this...those are the best type of friends to have! After that we were off to have some lunch, do some grocery shopping at the base, then to the library and back home before the kids got home!
Hannah stayed late at school (until 9pm) for A girls house event. The house mom Mrs H. got the school minibus and drove the girls out to the base so we parents didn't have to drive the hour long trip to get to the kids and then back home. You bet that I made sure to thank her for doing that drive! I was back home a little after 10 pm with my tired but happy teenage girl.

Today- we plan on taking a trip to Stratford upon Avon to visit some of the Shakespeare homes.I hope that the fogs burns off before we leave for our trip.

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WOW - You have been a busy lady! Hope all is going well! Sounds like you sure have found your niche there!


thekatsmeow said...

Hi Sandie, I just came by to see how you were doing since you moved. Looks like you are BUSY! Glad to see you are making yourself at home and have friends already. Keep in touch!