Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art- is in the eye of the beholder

It's hard to imagine my life without art. I see it everywhere- in flower beds, in architecture and in the presentation of food. My crafting medium these days seems to be food. I love to create with my hands, that's why I love paper crafting, designing and making window treatments, needlework and quilting. But there's whole new world opens up for me when I use my chef's knife and a bamboo cutting board. I think my passions take turns and they go in a rotation. I'm starting to work on needlework projects again, I can't go to sleep without reading first and I seem to have a major cooking project going on every time I do "What's on your Work Desk Wednesday".

Today I shall be grocery shopping for items to make that special luncheon for our family that arrives on Thursday, also for those great dishes I'm making for our confirmation dinner on Thursday. I would love to bring my camera to the grocery store- but I would probably get some strange looks when taking pictures of produce or the fresh breads section- don't you think so?

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