Monday, May 24, 2010

Why is it...?

That when my life gets hectic that I must immerse myself into something creative? I suppose that it's my way of letting my mind escape it's trappings and do something fun. This week IS going to be a very busy week for me.

♥Monday- planning the weeks menus, getting laundry caught up, clean out fridge, organize the menu for the Confirmation dinner.

♥Tuesday- grocery shopping- make dinner reservations for Friday Night, plan picnic lunch for Saturday and/or Sunday.

♥Wednesday- cook foods for Confirmation dinner (yes,I'm catering), tidy house for guests arriving from the states.

♥Thursday- go over guest bathroom one last time, prepare beds for guests, make some closet space for said guests, Confirmation event to be followed by Confirmation Dinner. Set up tables and arrange flowers, finish meal prep at chapel annex. Go back home get ready, pick up family go back to church.

♥Friday- exhale! Pick kids up early from school- bring Granny and Aunt to Kingham Hill school to have a look see. Dinner reservations planned at Cartwright Hotel.

♥Saturday- take entire family and relations to Blenheim Palace possible dinner at Pudding Face.

♥Sunday- attend church, have picnic lunch- note to self...need to find place for said picnic.

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