Friday, May 14, 2010

Dinner for 15

This went off so well that I would love to do it again! The recipes should soon be trickling in and once they are then I will be posting them on my cooking blog. Clean up was a snap! My behind the scenes helpers kicked in and did a fantastic job -many thanks to my awesome husband and daughter!

Just so you know- I'm not one to use disposable cups, plates or plastic eating utensils- I have a serious aversion to using such things in my own home. It's been about 15 years now but I remember it like it was yesterday - I ruined a very nice outfit because of a cheap quality paper plate at a First Friday function and ever since then I just avoid using them period!

I served everyone off of real dinner plates- a big Hooray goes out to my Fiesta Ware 10 inch plates and my Portmeirion 8 inch plates! I was in my element last night! I got to use those lovely large serving bowls and platters that I have collected. German pottery, English pottery, American pottery and Polish pottery. And it all looked so beautiful together. I received many compliments from the ladies who loved how all of the dishes meshed together and I have a few ladies who are VERY interested in going on a pottery shopping trip to Stoke-on-Trent with me the next time I go. Life is Good!

Now for the good stuff- what was served (m'm). My theme was "Salad's". I was the hostess for this months event (meals I made have a * by them) and everyone brought a dish to share (on our theme)...We had 3 different versions of
♥Caprese Salad* (one can never have enough of this stuff) I made a roasted tomato version of this the evenings event.
♥Cornbread Salad
♥Broccoli Salad
♥Grilled marinated Steak Salad
♥Orzo Pasta Chicken Salad
♥Raw Spinach w/Fresh Fruit Salad* and home made Asian dressing*
♥Baked Spinach Salad*
♥Sandie's Chick Food Chicken Salad* with Croissants
♥Asian Salad* with homemade Asian salad dressing*
♥Italian Pasta Salad
♥Curried Chicken Salad
♥Apple Snicker Salad (this tastes just like a caramel apple rolled in nuts-YUM)
♥Rhubarb/Apple/Strawberry Gelatin Salad
♥Chocolate cake with marshmallows
♥Lemon Bars
♥Mimosas...which is nothing more than orange juice and champagne

And lets not forget about all of the breads, crackers, olives and other nibbles that I placed throughout the table. You can't have a big spread without the nibbles! Polish Pottery to the rescue! Besides using platters and sandwich trays, I also got to use those cool Olive Trays that I bought at the Polish Pottery store in Germany. :-D I feel so happy today that dinner went off so well! We had sooo much food that I'm bringing in a surprise lunch for my husbands entire office today! They will ALL be doing the happy dance!

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Anonymous said...

You need to post a pic of a table setting!!! It sounds beautiful and delicious. I'm glad it went so well...although that wasn't a surprize :) Big hugs,