Sunday, May 02, 2010

A rainy day in England

I'll say it, I'm an American who gets to live in England through the USAF/MOD and am LOVING IT! There are so many historic places to see/visit out here but one of my most favorite towns (besides Stoke on Trent- purely for shopping reasons) is Stratford-upon-Avon- home to William Shakespeare. The tour of homes and gardens connected with Mr.Shakespeare are amazing. I myself had made my own English flower garden after our trip to England in 2006- I did this in my backyard of the house we own in South Dakota (I wonder how it looks now). I know that we will recreate another garden like that with our next home as well. Currently we're planting flowers in the flower beds here in my true English garden, I'm so happy to have areas in which I can plant flowers.

The sad thing about being out here as with living anywhere is that so many of the locals haven't been to the places that I have. How can you not want/desire to go see these historic homes that are in books and period piece movies? The same thing applies to those that can eat off of dishes that are made in China. Why aren't you using that wonderful made in England, Ireland or Scotland pottery? Savor your history, support your pottery companies that still produce their wares in your country before they go off and start having it made in china (ugh).

It might be raining today but it IS gorgeous outside! Everything is bright green from the grassy lawn to the new leaves growing on the trees and shrubs. Living here is like a little slice of heaven to me!


Julia Dunnit said...

It's becasue it's always there. Simple really, towns, monumnets etc..always there, something to get around to. Works both ways Sandie, I've been to places and 'things' in the USA that American friends haven't.

Sandie said...

Julia- that's very true! I can say the same thing about the US as well. I've always saw myself as a visitor anywhere I've ever lived. Even growing up I was that way. I want to learn about everything , see everything, experience everything- so I go out and try to do as much as possible!