Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every Day!

Every new place leaves me with something to do- always. Everyday is a blessing, Everyday is an adventure, Everyday something new will happen...Everyday is a Blessing!

Kindness, love, compassion- this can be shown and expressed in so many ways.

You know that you have the best kind of friends when they phone to tell you that they've been praying about something that involves you. With that...I am now a board member on our Parish Advisory Council. I truly feel Blessed! First for having friends think that I would be good at this and secondly for having friends that see what I've done as far as military community relations are concerned. We may be a small parish, but we do so much more than any other church I've ever been a member of these past 20 years! Being here at Croughton has had it's ups and downs but most of all I feel that it certainly is a blessing!

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