Saturday, May 01, 2010

What Inspires You?

There are so many things that I feel passionately about, that give me true inspiration- Flowers are hands down my favorite! I can look at flowers and see so many things in them. Their wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and scents can overwhelm most people but not me. I can walk into a flower market with and idea of what I want to buy and walk out with that very item in my hands. Some days it's all about pinks and reds, others it's shades of blue with a splash of green.

Each room in my house has a totally different feel. A good way to describe it is- walking through a doorway is like walking into a different season- not everyone can say that about their own place now can they? No, I didn't think so. I've been told that it's the artist in me and other say it's the Gemini in me that is always looking for change, for something new and interesting. Whatever it is, I know I've always been this way- always wanting to rearrange the furniture, change out valances, rugs, the way things are hung on the wall. But my one constant is flowers. Flowers are in every room of my house in some shape or form.

Change something in your house today- bring in some color! A bouquet of flowers will brighten up and room, I guarantee it! For another change- maybe it's new dishes, new curtains or new bedding and throw pillows. Find your inspiration and bring some colors of Spring Time into your home!

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