Saturday, May 22, 2010

My busy life

As I try to get over feeling so sullen over what has happened in Afghanistan, I'm suddenly snapped into focus on my own base. There was a motorcycle accident involving 2 young military members on Thursday evening. They were taken to two different hospitals one was taken by helicopter. One of those airmen are new to our base, only been here a month. He has a wife-who I just in met in person at our spouses group bingo event on Tuesday and they have a small baby. That poor woman's world is now turned upside down.

Her husband went into surgery yesterday and she wanted to be with him- we had been talking about baby sitters and such before this sad event happened because she was so happy to have made some new friends at the Bingo event and they had made plans are were all going to meet up at the club on base. As we all know, life can turn on a dime and suddenly she doesn't need a baby sitter for Friday night, she needs childcare for her baby all day so she can be with her husband who is having surgery. Of course I step up, what is a friend if not there in another friends hour of need? I can not possibly even begin to imagine the amount of stress this woman has pumping though her veins- new base, new country, husband in a motor vehicle accident. A dear friend lent me a pack and play so baby had a place to sleep, others stopped by and played with baby.Another friend did the tag team babysitting with me while I got out and ran some errands. Our neighborhood pitched in and helped me out with baby- it was wonderful! I was also able to arrange to have a couple more ladies contact our new spouse and arrange child care over the weekend. We've got such a terrific group of spouses here at Croughton, I can't begin to tell how proud I am of them!
Please pray for the recovery of our airmen. We're still waiting to hear on the status of the 2nd person as that person had received spinal injuries.

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