Sunday, May 16, 2010

I ♥ my daughter

I think that I have just about the most thoughtful and fun loving daughter anyone could ever wish to have. This is a wonderful child that I thank the Lord for (on most days). She continues to amaze me with her quirky sense of humor, her thoughtfulness, her generosity and her unconditional love of her friends and of course her dork brother.This is a person that will find happiness wherever life takes her and will strive to make a difference in the world around her.

Yesterday as we are on our mother/daughter trip to Maidenhead to pick up my latest e-bay find and then to Windsor Castle she says to me "Mom, I want to pay for the tureen, I want it to be a gift from me to you". As feelings rushed through me all I could think was Oh my goodness what a truly wonderful, loving thoughtful and generous child I have been blessed with!

So here it is, my gift from my daughter...a Portmeirion Soup Tureen, pattern is Pomona. I know that this kind of thing isn't for everyone and some people are happy serving their store bought soup right out of the cook-pot. As for me, I like to make soup from scratch and now I can serve it up right! My many thanks go to my loving daughter Hannah! Now her Momma can have luncheons and dinner parties in style!

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