Saturday, April 17, 2010

All things Jane

Yesterday was spent reminiscing of the great time I had with my husband visiting the historic country estates. I talked with friends about the trip and have sent e-mails to friends with the post codes of the places we visited so they can plan their own trips. I think that I found the hidden romantic in many of my girlfriends here in the UK and back in America.

I love the Jane Austen Centre that is in located in Bath, it sells All Things Jane! I adore this shop and am on their e-mail list (yes, imagine that). There is a woman who makes up counted cross stitch kits with quotes from Jane Austen's novels- I have many of them on my wish list! The Sampler Girl You MUST go check out her stuff...I dare say it's seriously cool!

I'm filling my home with things that will remind me and my family of the wonderful years we've spent living here in England. Be it in the dining room with my lovely England dishes or the artwork and books that will be throughout my home. No matter where you look, you see bits and pieces of what makes a house a home. Things one has collected from their travels.

How could one live here for any amount of time and not have one (or more) teapots (of which are made in England of course). The most elusive teapot is of course the Brown Betty. Why on earth this is so hard to find is beyond me! I've found places on line where I can get them but no one local sells them! I'm going to look on line and see if someplace in Stoke on Trent sells them. I want to introduce my friends here to the lovely art of drinking tea and tea time.

Picture it- a Tea Party and everyone must dress up in costume from Jane Austen's time. What fun we could all have!

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