Friday, April 23, 2010

Heaven on Earth

I wrote this to my friend René and I thought to myself why not share this on my blog. Our friendship dates back to nearly 20 years ago from our first military assignment in Maine. René hails from the Mississippi/Louisiana border and me being from all over but I claim California as my home. We hit it off right from the start! We've been dear friends ever since! Enjoy the read...

Here I am putting everything together for my chick food chicken salad and am taste testing- talk about a little bit of heaven on earth! I decided to go with the salted cashews instead of the toasted pecans and I’m glad that I did! The cashews gives just the right amount of salt that this dish needs w/o having to add any salt…got to love that!

The Caprese salad is simple enough, basically it’s tomatoes, olive oil either mozzarella or feta cheese and some salt. And it’s so true, the better the quality of the ingredients the better the food! I’m so glad that I roasted those chickens myself, I put just the right herbs on them to bring out the flavor.

Now to whip up the little treats- that will go quickly enough. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy cooking…especially when my husband and children aren't around to bug me-HA! I feel as if I get so much more accomplished. I do wish you were here though, you could keep me company and we could laugh and enjoy the sunshine and sit on the patio and have lunch. Today is going to be a perfect day to have lunch on that patio!

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