Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is it really Spring?

Yesterday's weather I dare say was delicious! It's funny how it takes our bodies a while to get acclimated to the weather after we move across country or across the globe. How 67º felt very warm to me. While I was on the phone talking to my mom yesterday (she lives in Northern California) I was telling her how delightful the weather was and how we were turning down the radiators in the house because of said "warm" day. She shuddered and sad "OOh Sandie when did you start thinking that 67º was warm?" I let her know that 67º has been warm for me for YEARS! Living in the Midwest with it's harsh winters will do that to a person.

I wish that my Mom could see England and that I could take her to the many wonderful historic places I've been. Heck I want my friends to come out here as well and experience the country...not just London, anyone can do London. It's here where people really live and do things, the grand historic Estates are truly the heart of England. If I had a choice to tour the country side of England or London, I'd choose the country hands down! Wait- I did that before back in 2006 when we came here for a family vacation- and I've never regretted that decision either!

Now to get ready for church- I can wear a dress and NOT feel like I'm going to freeze my legs off :-)

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