Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcano? What Volcano?

Iceland has an active what? Yes that was my first recation how about you?
It's crazy that a volcano can effect world wide travelers and yet it does. I can't believe how many friends I have that are effected by this natural disaster.

*One set of friends ended up driving the 19 hour trip to Venice so they could make their cruise. Apparently the trip insurance didn't cover the volcano erupting- nice!

*Some friends are currently stranded in Germany after a family vacation.

*And a third set of dear friends (also traveling with their teen son) is stranded back in the states.

*Friends and neighbors of ours currently have company from the states and I doubt highly that they are able to travel back home until next week at the earliest.

Makes me kind of glad that I'm just toodling around England, seeing the sights and having tea in garden settings :-)

Off to get ready for my's been a long weekend of fun in the sun and well it's time for me to get to working on some research that I've been having on the back burner.

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