Monday, April 26, 2010

Sandie's Fabulous Pottery Tour- the details

It's the little things that one does for ones friends that end up being the really big things. On this trip there were 4 women, 1 Honda Odyssey minivan and an ice chest full of treats! We were driving down the road by 7 am -yes, we really were!

♥ Our first stop was the Wedgwood factory Shop and we were there by 8:45 am! This time around we were able to take our dear sweet time shopping as the shelves were fully stocked and for the first 30 minutes were were the only customers! everyone found something that they liked, and we found some prizes for our bingo event for the spouses club.

♥Next stop was the Burleigh factory Shop Oh my word were we ever to find some great items in there! I found a few rare pieces done in retired colors. Oh I think we all found a little something something at Burleigh! I bought an entire place setting in the Dark Blue Felicity pattern now that makes 8 place settings and I'm done! Okay not done as in done buying any more Burleigh period, more like done with buying place settings.

♥Onward James to the next stop...Portmeirion! Holy Catfish did the others go wild in that shop! Granted I came with a list and an idea of what I was interested in buying. I have to say that I was VERY pleased with what I came home with :-) I was able to get the 50th anniversary Parrot Tulip Teapot , to be honest,that was the #1 thing on my list! I was able to pick up the Spode dinner plates for a friend (she's now on her way back from Texas after being stuck there for a little over a week). More Bingo Prizes from here too!

♥We were trying to get to Churchill pottery but after driving around in circles for 40 minutes we figured out that this outlet was no longer in business at this location so we decided to go to Aynsley China and along the way we stopped at yet another Portmeirion outlet shop. Every place carries different items and here was no different! I was able to find the ever elusive Portmeirion measuring cups (they're new) and a 2 cup measuring pitcher (another hard to find item) and this one had American measuring lines as well as metric!

♥Number 5 on our tour Aynsley China what a lovely shop! I read up a bit on Aynsley and knew that they were acquired by Belleek China (Irish bone china) back in 1997. We all found a little something here! I came out with a Belleek bread plate and a Belleek Templemore Vase at a price that I couldn't resist! Needless to say, I left there doing the happy dance!

♥Last but not least on our Fabulous Pottery tour we found Churchill China! We were not disappointed in this shop in any way shape or form! We all found more goodies to bring home. I'm in love with Churchill's Eden pattern and bought a few serving trays. Nothing like having serving trays to help you bring loads of clean or dirty dishes to and from the kitchen! And after months of searching, I was able to find a Brown Betty Teapot HERE for my Mom! I also bought one for our Bingo event and will pair it up with some PG Tips Tea (that would make a sweet prize).

For lunch- Well I packed a gourmet picnic basket. There was Flock of Geese Chicken salad, marinated Italian Pasta Salad, Caprese Salad, Babybel Cheeses, croissants, baguettes, yummy herbed olives, mini almond poppy seed muffins, Ghirardelli Chocolate brownies and mini New York Cheesecakes! Evian bottled water was the drink of choice! We never touched the bag of kettle chips- probably too full of the other stuff to worry about it, LOL!

I'm assured by my girlfriends that they've never had a picnic lunch like that before. I'm glad that I was able to give them a happy shopping and dining experience :-)

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