Friday, April 09, 2010


Thanks goodness it's Friday! I've got all sorts of things in the works...counted cross stitching projects, projects with beads, cooking projects, quilting projects oh my word I'm full it them! Having such a delicious spring day yesterday (it actually got up to 67º! My daughter and I took a leisurely stroll to a mini Tesco located within walking distance to our home. Since walking there I feel confident that I can send her to the store for me when I need bread, milk or anything else. And it's not like a 7-11 or a Quickie Mart back in the states where the prices on everything is 50% more than in a regular retail grocery store, this is just a smaller version of Tesco with the same prices on merchandise as it's regular sized grocery stores-sweet!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we decided to have lunch outside on the patio!

Now I'm off to enjoy a quite morning as my family sleeps in and enjoys a holiday from school and work :-)

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