Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pretty in Pink?

For a person such as myself who loves the color PINK... I paint my nails pink (fingers and toes), have numerous t-shirts in various shades of pink, I have pink Crocs, pink slippers, pink jammies, I love pinks flowers and I even have a Fuchsia colored coat and look at my blog- pink is everywhere! My daughter swears that pink is my signature color (I suddenly feel like Elle on Legally Blonde with that latest statement). But for whatever reason, I simply find it impossible to warm up to the pink Burleigh dishes. A close friend suggested that maybe it's the shade of pink that makes me cringe. But honestly, I have some pink Fiesta-ware and it doesn't make me cringe so why does the thought of eating off of pink flowery china make the hairs in my arms stand up?

Could it be that I'm not as "foofy" as I thought I was? Oh say it isn't so!

I love all things girly, from headbands and hats, jewelry, shoes, and handbags! I have throw pillows on every bed and even the sofas, flowers in every room and pretty British tea-sets. I don't own any dress trousers (that's pants for those in the USA), when I go out if it's not jeans casual, then I wear either a skirt or a dress- I've been that way since- well for forever. So what it is about those pink dishes that make me cringe when I look at them? I love my Portmeirion dishes with the pink flowers, heck I'm having coffee right now and my mug has lovely Pink Dog Rose blossoms on it and looking at it makes me happy. Maybe it's nothing more than I don't care for Asian inspired drawings done in baby pink, change the color to black yeah maybe, pink? No!

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