Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Sickness

Our teenage guests are starting to get a little homesick. We talked last night and I knew what was on their moms...I am a mom you know ;-)

This is Drew's first time being so far away from home. Heck this night even be his first time out of the State of South Dakota. Tyler went to China last year with a school group. This year Tyler and Drew traveled together from South Dakota. This is their first adventure out of the country on their own...I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Tomorrow the boys fly back home...I'm going to miss them. I knew that these boys were a part of my son's life, but it took until now to realize how much they are also a part of my life too. They're the "extra" kids that got under foot, ate us out of house and home and had teenage issues of their own. They will always be my son's best friends and they will always a part of our family. I know now how very much my son has missed his friends- just seeing them all clown around and act goofy together has brought joy to my heart! I know that I'll cry when they leave tomorrow-heck I'm crying now just thinking about it. The quote "don't cry because it's over, be happy that it happened" comes to mind. I'll need to remind myself (and my boy) of that one in the weeks to come. I will encourage Andrew to call his friends more often.

Now for me to wake the kids and get everyone ready to go out and have some fun in Oxford today...or not. We shall see what the day holds for us!

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