Thursday, March 01, 2007

my printer is kaput!

Here it is, the first day of March and what do I have to report? My printer is broken. As I was printing out all of my journaling for my picture a day project for the month of February (so I could have something easy to work on while my scrapbooking friends are here). All of a sudden I hear this grinding noise...that's never a good sign. So here I am, I've got 20 more pages that need to get printed...but at least the journaling is done :-) Now to start for March. I'm shaking my head because it's so darn frustrating to have this happen to me right now. At least I have 8 pages to work with and that should be looked at as a GOOD thing.

Now for me to get back to the kitchen and finish making the quiche for lunch.

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