Friday, December 15, 2006

Change of Command Ceremony-OSS

Today I will be attending a change of command ceremony for the OSS (operational support group). I truly do like attending things like this. This is where you get to see the heart and soul of our military community. Friends and family for the exiting and entering squadron commanders attend these events. I like to watch their faces (of family members) as it one of the once in a life time events that the civilian sector get to see the military sector in a touching moment. Husbands give recognition to their families for their support and especially to their wives for being the rock that holds everything in place...during deployments that lasts months on end and in every day life. These events always bring tears to my eyes, but the good kind you know:) This is where the military members tells his people what an honor and a privilege it was to serve with them, and you really get the feeling that he or she means it too. It's all heart felt and no one is left out in this person's list of who he or she has appreciated along the way.

So now for me to pick out what I'm going to this IS NOT a jeans and t-shirt kind of event.

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