Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What's YOUR hot must have Christmas item?

What do you perceive to be the HOT Must Have Christmas item? Is it different that what the advertisements are saying? How about the marketing firms? Are they right in their predictions? Or is it all a bunch of hype? Being someone with a background in marketing I can see through the smoke screen of hype.

I bought my husband the Homedics Shiatsu massaging cushion...but trust me I'll be using that gift! I've only seen one commercial for it (so far) but dang if it isn't blasted all over on local radio stations (especially in the morning hours). Did I fall prey to commercial hype? No, this was something that I've been looking at for a while and waited to buy when I saw it at an irresistible price. I enjoy shopping around for the best deal. I'll check the Internet as well when it comes to looking for good prices, but beware of those shipping costs! I saw a good price on something on line then I checked out the shipping costs- OUCH! I might as well buy it local, I'd come out ahead. All of the so called "savings" are shot when you add in the shipping and handling. And those so called handling fees can add up to as much as the shipping costs. So pay close attention to the "final costs" when shopping on line.

So what's on my list this year? I'd like to have an Ott Light lamp, but I haven't told anyone about it. So chances are that it won't be under the tree for me. It's just not the thing I'd ask for for Christmas, LOL! I like being surprised, my husband and children are good for surprises too!

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