Saturday, December 23, 2006

update on Hannah

Hannah is doing well. She did have some minor bleeding occur from the incisions on both ears yesterday afternoon. It wasn't anything like the other night and I was able to get the bleeding to stop without any problems. I chalk it up (the bleeding) to her feeling so much better and playing with the cat too much. She has not needed any pain medication which is amazing since she had a pretty intense surgery on her head just the other day. The bruising and swelling of her ears is typical, the incisions look good (never mind the intermittent bleeding). Now getting the bandages to stay on while she is sleeping has been a bit of a challenge. The night before I was awakened every couple of hours (no joke) and I had a tough time tying to get Hannah's bandages on her noggin to stay in place. Last night I handed over the reins to my husband...I checked in on them an hour ago and amazingly enough Hannah's bandages are ON :) Now I wonder how much sleep he was able to get. I am very appreciative of the break and feel pretty good, regardless that I woke up to our cat crawling all over me at the crack of dawn, LOL!

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