Friday, December 29, 2006

what snow storm?

Okay there's not very much snow outside, not nearly the amount that was forecast for our area. The last snow storm just passed us right on by and now we get a dusting of snow. No snow forts or snowmen being built here today folks :(

Yesterday was a house cleaning kind of day. The kids cleaned their rooms and we had a "no computer day" as well. We had to find other things to entertain us rather than staring at the computer screen. I loved having my children upstairs doing things....Hannah starting putting together her 3-d wooden puzzle (it'll be an owl once she's finished) and Andrew is building a Star Wars Lego kit (don't ask me what it is, I'm not sure). It was nice having the kids hanging out upstairs, just being kids. So what was I doing? Get ready...I was reading! That's right, I was able to read a book. I was actually reading a cook book and it was great! I got to read the commentary and the little things that were in there and not just whiz through looking at recipes.

Our Christmas Tree is down and now out in the garage. Now to get these ornaments put away. Granted the Charlie Brown tree is still up and decorated...then again it is a very skinny tree, LOL! Today I think that Hannah will put together her train set together and now we have room in the dining room for her to do that very thing!

We are supposed to get more snow throughout the day, as to how much actually falls remains to be seen. I have plans for meals that will warm my husband and children from head to toe. On today's menu... lunch is chili dogs (a kids favorite) and dinner...Manicotti (stuffed tube noodles). I gave my family a voting choice on dinner... manicotti (stuffed with ground chicken) , lasagna or stuffed shells (with cheese). I was surprised that our daughter voted for meat...she's usually all about the veggies and cheese. So I need to get a start on it now. I want to have some of that so called "free time" later on today. I've got things to be doing!

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