Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's a scrappy kind of weekend!

I've been scrapbooking since 5:50 am! I'm dead serious about getting things done in these OSC albums. I had the layouts sketched, the background done, all it needed was to have the pictures cropped, mounted and put in place. Well when you are working on 4 OSC 12x12 albums and then one of your own (if I'm doing 4 might as well do one more for myself since I did take all of the pictures). That one heap of pictures to crop and mount! October layouts are almost done just need to finish the journaling. November's prototype is in the works, all of the pages are done, just need to order photo's from Walgreen's, December...this is the one that almost killed me this morning. Cropping and mounting 75 pictures (that's for 5 albums) into 3½x3½ squares. I'm going to need to get more adhesive (lots more), some post extenders a new cutting blade from my trimmer and a new cutting bar too.
Alright, now for me to get over to the Walgreen's site and place a picture order.

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