Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The search continues...and other things

Okay I've been hunting my my daughter's night retainer with no success for 3 days now. Yesterday I took apart her room and it was no where to be found. Hannah lucked out because I ended up cleaning her entire room...dusting and everything, LOL! Next was Andrew's bedroom...he didn't fare so well as I left his room in total chaos. I moved on to our bedroom...oh my gosh I HATE having stuff under the beds! Growing up our house was small and we always had the underneath of our beds crammed with boxes of "stuff" that was being stored there by our mother. This is the first time since our 16+ years of marriage that we've had things under any of our beds. It's driving me bonkers! I've not found the OG appliance (aka night retainer) but I have found lots of things that either need to go into storage or be tossed to the curb. I found magazines that were 2 years old, needless to say they found their way to the recycling bin rather quickly.

So today I will continue my mission of looking for Hannah's retainer, finish my ornaments and make some Christmas cards. Heck I might break down and buy some at Hobby Lobby today and be done with it. I also need to take time out and write my family Christmas Newsletter-ugh! Did I mention I'm starting my Holiday baking today as well? It's cheesecake city today! I'll be baking 3 of those pups today to give as gifts. So where do I get the energy? Plain and simple...COFFEE! Yup, I love the stuff! Especially Millstone's Swiss Chocolate's my all time FAVORITE! You can check out their site here it's got all sorts of cool stuff on it:)

So I'll grab another mug of my ever so yummy coffee and get on with making some more ornament toppers and think about making 40 to 50 some odd Christmas Cards...buying them is looking better and better, LOL!

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