Monday, December 18, 2006

To work or not to work...

Earlier this year I was introduced to the world of working for Tax Season by a good friend. It was fun and enjoyable when I got to work with her. I found myself looking forward to going to work and the time passed by very quickly when I got to work with her. But when I had to work with others it was almost unbearable and time passed ever so slowly. The scoop is... I've been asked to come back for another season in the world of tax preparation. Because of so many different reasons I've decided not to return. I have so much on my plate, with Hannah and her surgery, Andrew and all of the extra curricular activities he has going on, my volunteering with many different spouses groups (of which I enjoy greatly) and being a Girl Scout leader. Then there's my Mom, she's having hip replacement surgery in January and I might have to go out there and help her out. And of course my friend Liz isn't there any more (she and her family now live in Ohio, since her husbands retirement from the Air Force). And then on top of that, the local office is not going to be opened this year...and that's where I wanted to work. It was close to my home and to the kids schools. If there was an emergency I could get there quickly. So I will just have to turn them down and tell that that I have too much going on in my life at this time to be able to fully dedicate myself to working outside of the home.

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