Sunday, December 31, 2006

Murder Mystery Party

Tonight my husband and I are going to a Murder Mystery Party. You've probably heard of the murder mystery dinner theaters right? I've been a couple of times but that was before I was married. So tonight we actually get to play parts...I'm Sophie Tomatoes and my husband is Festus Marlow. I'm cracking up just reading the bio's on the different parts. The couple hosting this party are our friends and neighbors (they live within walking distance, woohoo). I'm bringing my camera and I plan on getting some fun pictures tonight! I hope to also get pictures of Lucien and I together as well!

This will be the first time in YEARS that Lucien and I have gone out on New Years Eve. Usually we stay at home with the kids. I hate being out on the road, drunk drivers scare the heck out of us and it's enough to make us stay at home with our children. So since this party is being held by our friends and neighbors we said Yes to walking there. Since we live on base, we're pretty sure that we won't be hit by a drunk driver, not so sure about not being run over by the herd of deer that live on base though. They seem to be everywhere!

I better start getting ready....I have to bring a tomato as a prop and my hubby's character needs a fish, LOL!

Happy New Year!

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