Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holiday Cheer

You know it's December because? All of the holiday parties. We have several more to attend this year than in previous years. I don't mind, it's actually rather fun to get dressed up and mingle with friends, new and old.

Friday night's party was held at the Holiday Inn in Rapid City. They did a wonderful job at everything! There were over 460 people in attendance, that's a record number for this event. Since seating was limited the coordinators for the event had to actually turn people away because the event was sold out, how extraordinary! All of the tables were packed, our table hosted 12 people! I loved the people that we were sitting with, it was a great group!

So I have to tell you that the best part of the evening was seeing my girlfriends all dressed up for the event. Everyone looked so beautiful in their long gowns, and they were all smiling for the camera (I was able to get quite a few pictures).

Last night's Holiday party was held at Mount Rushmore. They do a fantastic job up there. The food was delightful, and it's not your usual holiday fare (which for some odd reason always seems to consist of turkey). There was dancing and a raffle ticket drawing for prizes...of which my husband and I won one :) A $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant, The Corn Exchange. Our table was the lucky table, of the 4 couples at the table 3 won prizes. Okay so one guy got a gag gift...that was a laugh riot! Mount Rushmore was lit and it was breath taking! The thoughtful part of all this was the bus...the squadron always hires a bus (it's a small one) to shuttle it's folks to and from the event. The bus came to our door on base and dropped us off in front of the doors of the event, then it took us back home again, very nice! We were able to skip the hassle of finding a parking space, the long walk from the parking lot to the building where the event was being held (and it was VERY cold last night too), no worrying about driving on the icy roads. Not to mention we could have cocktails at this party and not worry about having a designated driver, LOL!

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