Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekends are too short

Weekends go by all too quickly don't they? I've been pretty busy around here this weekend...with baking 15 cheesecakes, wrapping presents, shopping for little presents and of course no weekend during the month of December would be complete without attending a couple of holiday parties. Both parties we attended over the week had themes, one was Christmas and we had to wear some sort of Christmas attire and the other was a Hawaiian Luau theme. Each was fun in their own special way. I cracked up at seeing people wearing the coconut bras and grass skirts, others had on sandals, swimwear and sarongs. It's freezing outside but yet these folks were in the holiday to love it!

I also managed to rearrange our living room. Dragging furniture around and putting it in a different configuration. I've now got a reading nook, the birds are all in one cage. Hopefully the parakeet will not be a bully and beat up on the finches. He's been in a cage suspended above them for over a 18 months now. I just wanted to condense the birds and have only one cage to service.

Today is also another busy day...with Girl Scouts being right after school and it's their Christmas Party. Then immediately after school I have to get over to the BX and hang out at the Christmas Gift Wrap booth with my husband for the next 3 hours. Little to my knowledge he signed up up for the last 3 hour shift. My life is never dull, that's for certain!

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