Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday News Letters

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading Holiday News Letters from family and friends. They are filled in with tidbits of information that you would other wise not hear about. Which reminds me...I have got to sit down today and write ours, eek!

Barbara (my best friend from childhood) actually wrote and sent me a month by month account of her past year. I kind of giggle at this because years ago she was a bit affronted with the fact that I had sent her one, as it seemed a bit impersonal. So along with the newsletter from my dear friend, it also brings a smile to my face.

My friend Liz has gotten smart and just e-mails her newsletters. I love the graphics that she has added to them! I enjoy reading Liz's newsletters as she and her family have such a zest for life! They are so adventurous, I love it! She has a heart of gold and I don't think that anyone I know has as many pets as they do, many of them have been rescued animals.

My dear friend Darcy (I met her in high school) sent me a news letter. I love to hear what she, her husband and their 3 daughters have going on. It's amazing to see how much those girls have grown!

Now for the unexpected was from my cousin Susie I haven't heard from Susie in ages! Susie's son is 25 years old now (WOW!) and her daughters are in high school and junior high (like my children).It's newsletters like hers that fill in the gaps of what's been going on over time.

My old boss (from my very first job after high school) Joyce even wrote and sent me a newsletter, I loved it! Filling me in on the little bits and pieces that have made their year.

All of these items go into my scrapbooks. They are all special and I will cherish them for years to come.

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