Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday's parties

Yesterday brought another assortment of holiday parties. The first one I attended was a Holiday Tea at the base commanders house. It was held for those involved in the Key Spouse Program. A lovely woman (both inside and out) named Rohini organizes and runs this volunteer program. She herself puts in at least 40 or more hours each week, she too is a volunteer. It was a lovely afternoon spent with a terrific group of ladies. Our commander's wife is an exceptional hostess and made her home open to all of us during the holiday season. It was a beautiful and welcoming place to have our Holiday Tea.

The next party on our agenda was held at the Grand Gateway Hotel in Rapid City. Oh my word it was so elegant! The ballroom was newly refurbished and it was breath taking! I don't know about the food because we were there fr cocktails and then of to the next party but the room certainly looked fabulous!

Off we go again, this time it was to the VFW in down town Rapid City. The place was not as elegant as the other parties we have been to, but this party was very family oriented. There were activities for the children and a children's dining table as well. They also had a real chef preparing their holiday meal. This party had a warmth to it and a true family atmosphere.

So after all of this we come home and kick off our shoes and relax. It truly was nice to get out and meet other spouses and to be able to chat with them. All in all t was another enjoyable evening. My feet are still aching from wearing high heels for 2 days in a row. Today calls for something a little more casual, my Veggie clogs will be on my feet all day long!

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