Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Surgery...and the things that happened afterwards

The surgery took about 2½ hours (just like the doctor said it would). We got to be with Hannah in the recovery room. That girl of ours slept for 3 hours there...WOW! I've got some before and after pictures of Hannah, she even asked for close ups of her ears so she can see them later. Lucien and I were quite surprised at the fact that her eyelids were stitched shut during the surgery. Yes we were a bit taken back with that and not sure that we would have gone along with it if the doctor had mentioned it before surgery. My baby has swollen and bruised eyes. She's a trooper though!

Now I meant to post this stuff yesterday, but since then I've been rather busy. Here's the skinny on what we've gone through since coming home...

During the night her left ear started bleeding, I tell ya It was scary! It soaked through the head wrap and was all over her neck. I called the emergency number in the middle of the night and spoke with the doctor. He told me what to do to get the bleeding to stop (and it worked...for a while) and that we were to come in first thing in the morning. I thought that I was going to pass out when I saw all that blood on my daughters head and neck (yes it really was that bad). I don't get squeamish with blood but I am a sympathetic vomit-er. So of course this morning she's got to start vomiting. I never drove so fast in my life, all to get her to that doctors office and have him make sure that she's alright. Now if I was the wife of a civilian, I'd most likely have my husband with me but alas my husband is career military and had to be at work at the crack of dawn. So here I am doing all of this by myself. The women I know that can do this sort of thing of thing or have been been through such an event...all of them are military wives. I've been asked where does my strength come from my answer is that it comes from God...he's gotten me through many a hard time. And as it always seems, I have never had my husband with me when these kinds of "events" occur (go figure). He's always been away with work (usually in a different part of the world). We've survived this little bump and Hannah will be feeling better in a few days.

So in a nutshell... Hannah has new bandages, the doctor got the bleeding to stop. I have a virtual ton of gauze pads, wraps and the alike. I can have my own little hospital ward here in my house now. I'm in desperate need of some Chai Tea right now and possibly a hot soak in the bathtub! Hannah is resting peacfully on the couch in the living room and my son and husband are oblivious to everything Hannah and I have been through since 2 am.

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