Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oops ...the party is at 11 am Honey

I have to laugh when I think bout the miscommunication issues I have with my husband and all of these Christmas party dates times and places. There's a holiday party today...I thought that it was to be held down town at the Civic Center this evening at 5 or 6 pm. But wait, it's at 11am in the building where he works. We have so much going on this month that it's just plan hard to keep it all straight. I'm laughing because I ordered 2 roasted chickens for today and so did my husband. Four roasted chickens...we're going to have roast chicken coming out of our ears! Oh my gosh how seriously funny! Good thing that they aren't expensive, LOL!

So here I am looking for something to wear that isn't too overly holiday-ish looking. I've decided upon muted earth tones. I'm wearing something that won't look like I'm trying to show up anyone else who has decided to dress in holiday fashions. I want an understated yet classic look. As it is, this will be the first time for most of these folks to meet me since my husband took over this position last month.

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