Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My new lamp

Ever since I first found out about Ott Lights, I knew that I wanted one. But what was keeping me back from buying one? First off there's the price but the other thing was the style...they were not all that pretty to look at. SO when my DH and I went out shopping, I showed him the Ott Lamp and they were on sale for 50% off...and they have never ever been on sale for that much off before! We were given a rain check...and when I went to check if the lamps were back in stock they had ONE. Oh yeah I grabbed that pup and ran with it to the check out line! It looks great in my living room and even my DH is impressed with the light it emits. Since rearranging the living room, I had made a little book nook. Now the nook has my recliner and a nice lamp. Now to find a small book base and I'm in there! Or maybe I'll set up a small decorator table with a nice table cloth and call it good. Hmmm, now I've got more ideas bubbling through my head...great, LOL!

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